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Labour Against Brexit

By the strength of our common endeavour

To succeed in changing Labour Party policy on Brexit, the voices of Labour voters and members must be heard. If you are a party member, you can make a huge difference by proposing / supporting our Contemporary motion in your local Constituency Labour Party (CLP).

This motion is sponsored by Remain-Labour & Labour4EU and supported by activists across the Labour movement. We are looking for volunteers to table and pass this motion in every CLP across the country, building a grassroots campaign that will ensure the party leadership has to think again on Brexit.

Please contact us if you are interested in proposing a motion in your local party, we can help you understand the process and connect you to local supporters.


Conference notes:

  • The UK will leave the European Union on March 29th 2019 if a majority of MPs vote in parliament to approve the final Withdrawal Agreement

  • On the 9th August, the Tories approach to Brexit saw the pound drop to its lowest level against the dollar in a year – a weak pound is raising the cost of living for millions of people already hit hard by austerity

  • On the 10th August a YouGov poll found that 76% of Labour voters support a People’s Vote on the final deal


Conference believes:

  • If the UK leaves the European Union, our country will be permanently poorer, with the greatest burden falling on the poorest and youngest in society

  • Any form of Brexit will weaken the public finances and further damage the NHS, which is already in crisis due to Conservative cuts


Conference further believes:

  • The White Paper on Brexit confirms the Conservatives intend to leave the customs union and lose access to the single market for services, which account for 80% of the UK economy.

  • As a result, we know the Withdrawal Agreement will fail to deliver “the exact same benefits” of EU membership and will fail to meet Labour’s Six Tests.


Conference resolves:

Labour Party policy should be to:

  • Vote against the Withdrawal Agreement in Parliament

  • Support a People’s Vote on the Withdrawal Agreement and to campaign to Remain in the EU in that referendum


Contemporary Motion :
'Why Labour must support a People’s Vote and campaign to Remain in the EU’