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By the strength of our common endeavour

Labour Against Brexit

To succeed in changing Labour Party policy on Brexit, the voices of Labour voters and members must be heard. If you are a party member, you can make a huge difference by proposing / supporting our motion in your local Constituency Labour Party (CLP).

This motion is sponsored by Labour4EU & Remain-Labour and supported by activists across the Labour movement. We are looking for volunteers to table and pass this motion in every CLP across the country, building a grassroots campaign that will ensure the party leadership has to think again on Brexit.​

Please contact us if you are interested in proposing a motion in your local party, we can help you understand the process and connect you to local supporters. E-mail:

​​ (Name) CLP notes

- The UK will leave the European Union on March 29th 2019 if a majority of MPs vote for the EU Withdrawal And Implementation (WAI) Bill.

- The Labour Party campaigned for Remain in the 2016 referendum and has a long history of supporting full membership of the EU.

(Name) CLP believes

- If the UK leaves the European Union, our country will be permanently poorer, have diminished influence in the world and the greatest burden will fall on the poorest and youngest in society.

- Any form of Brexit will damage the NHS; the Nuffield Trust projects the economic impact will translate into an annual £2.4bn shortfall in funding.

- There is clear evidence that a majority of Labour Party voters and members are opposed to Brexit. A recent poll from Labour Future found that 81% of Labour voters support a referendum on the final terms of Brexit.

- The strong 2017 general election result achieved under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn means the votes of Labour MPs will have a significant influence on the WAI Bill.

- The terms of Brexit were not clear in the 2016 referendum, but it is now clear that no form of Brexit can meet Labour’s six tests.

(Name) CLP resolves

- The Labour Party should give the British people the opportunity to have the final say, by:

  1. Voting against the WAI Bill AND
  2. Supporting a referendum on the final terms of the exit deal, with an option to remain full members of the European Union.

- Our delegates to Party Conference in 2018 will vote in favour of any motion that aligns with this resolution.


Model motion: 'Standing Against Brexit, Standing Up for a People’s Vote