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Labour Against Brexit

Be the very best of the Labour Party

Clare Moody MEP: Euratom is betrayed for the sake of hard Brexit – risking our nuclear industry - 23rd March
Geraint Davies on the day Theresa May signed Article 50 on why Brexit is such a disaster on Radio 5 live from 0350 
Hilary Benn: Is anything ready for no Brexit deal? David Davis: No. - 14th March
Alistair Campbell : Growing fears can slam the brakes on this Brexit act of suicide - 30th March
Richard Corbett MEP: Long list of Leave lies - 26th June
Richard Corbett MEP: Brexit and Higher Education - 23rd March
Labour cannot afford to be complicit in a national disaster. It will have to oppose this Tory Brexit - Richard Corbett MEP, 28th February
Clare Moody MEP: Yesterday was a dark day in Brussels, but there is more than one way forward - 30th March
Articles and Commentary from Labour people on Brexit
Tony Blair: Labour must back staying in EU to be 'competitive' - 14th March
Peter Mandelson slams Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer for “not acting in the national interest” - 30th March
Labour is too cowardly to make stand against Brexit, says peer - Lord Winston, 14th March