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​​European parliament Brexit chief: 'Let Britons keep freedom of movement'Guy Verhofstadt says ‘all British citizens have EU citizenship’ and should maintain these individual rights if they wish to - 10th March

Europe to block Brexit deal unless EU citizens who enter in next two years can stay, Guy Verhofstadt says - 27th March
EU nationals already being denied mortgages 'due to Brexit' - 30th March
EU nurses no longer want to work in Britain. Brexit is poisoning the NHS
 - 27th March
Theresa May to end EU citizens’ rights to live in UK within days - 28th February
As expat groups organize, the Brexit fightback begins - Eurocitizens is just one of several organizations campaigning for rights of Britons in Spain and Spaniards in the UK
- 10th March

French teacher says Home Office rejected her residency application because she is 'older and sick' - Woman in her 70s reportedly told to get private health insurance and reapply in five years' time​ - 6th March
EU nationals express "utter desperation" following MPs rejection of Lords amendments - 13th March

Which Brexiters are hypocrites on EU citizens’ rights? - 10th March

EU citizens in UK are victims of "Political Games" and their rights must be Brexit talks' first priority, says Guy Verhofstadt - 10th March

​​​Pret a Manger: just one in 50 job applicants are British, says HR boss - House of Lords committee told firm will struggle to attract enough staff if it cannot recruit EU nationals after Brexit - 10th March

Updates on EU Nationals in UK and UK Nationals in EU
Home Office rule change adds to febrile atmosphere for EU nationals in Britain - 2nd March
Despite her assurances, Theresa May doesn’t care about EU-based expats
The government seems to be in no hurry to remove us from the limbo we’ve been in ever since the Brexit vote - 6th March