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Reports from Germany that BMW could manufacture new electric Mini away from Oxford - 28th February
Brexit: What the biggest banks are planning once Theresa May begins EU departure - 21st March- 12th March
Brexit drives registration of 100,000 UK firms in Ireland
Companies seek EU presence via Ireland to avoid ‘worst-case scenarios’ - 22nd February
UK warned it must 'honour all financial obligations' to EU
European political leaders and diplomats react to Lords report arguing that Britain could leave EU without paying £52bn - 4th March
London jobs market shrinks as Article 50 approaches - 17th March- 12th March
A cliff-edge Brexit could cost each British household £2,000 – Theresa May needs to tread carefully - 15th March- 12th March
Brexit:  David Davis admits the Governement has done no economic assessment of UK crashing out of EU without a deal - 15th March- 12th March
More Brexit blues : Inflation at highest level since Sept 2013 - 21st March- 12th March

Labour Against Brexit

Credit Suisse advances plan for Dublin move ahead of Brexit
Investment bank laying groundwork for Dublin expansion
Budget 2017: Brexit black hole, Mary Creagh MP - 7th March
Brexit is about to get real. Yet we are nowhere near ready for it - 12th March- 12th March
The 12 bits of Brexit bad news hidden in the Budget 2017
Trading down, prices up, and more pressure on the NHS.  - 8th March
Disaster lurks in May’s empty bluff on trade - 2nd March
Brexit will cost UK 30,000 finance jobs, says Brussels thinktank
US businesses warn the UK over loss of access to EU single market
Report commissioned by American Chamber of Commerce to the EU says Brexit puts at risk record £487bn US firms invested in the UK - 8th March
Brexit is going to blow a £700 million hole in the government's tax haul - 10th March- 12th March
STUDY: Brexit voting areas are going to be worst hit by the economic fallout — while London will be ok - 7th March
Food inflation doubles in a month as UK shoppers start to feel the pinch
Sharp fall in pound since EU referendum feeds into big rise in food prices with butter up 15%, fish up 8% and tea up more than 6% - 7th March
Selection of articles covering the economic impact of Brexit
“British businesses are clamouring for us to leave the EU”
Not true. You wouldn’t believe it from the eurosceptic rhetoric, but in fact, both British businesses and inward investors have been emphatic that Britain must stay in!​​
Owen Smith: With car industry jobs at risk, are we seeing the true cost of Brexit? - 2nd March
MPs warn Theresa May of economic disaster if current Brexit plan followed  - The International Trade committee says the 'no deal' rather than a 'bad deal' approach would cost the country as much as £58billion or £884 for everyone in the country
- 7th March
Brexit, airlines' worst fear, has become their preoccupation
Operators flying in and out of UK are pursuing a legal framework to replace EU-wide agreements currently in place - 9th March

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Brexit hit fear as 29% of large firms look abroad - 17th March- 12th March
Being a global free-trading nation isn’t as easy as it looks
As Britain prepares to strike out on its own, there is no shortage of cautionary tales about the difficulties – and dangers – of doing deals - 11th March
A budget that does nothing to prepare us for the Brexit fallout - 10th March- 12th March
Britain may pay MORE to EU after Brexit: MP Oliver Letwin makes embarrassing admission - 2nd March