Labour Against Brexit

Be the very best of the Labour Party

"Discontent arises from a knowledge of the possible, as contrasted with the actual"

- Nye Bevan

This group was set up to provide the 'missing link' between the '48%' pro-Remain groups and the Labour Party groups, in which there is a division of opinions on this issue. We are now the sister group to the 'Labour Against Brexit' page, which can be found and 'liked' here:

We aim to support Labour people who want to campaign against Brexit within the party and in the country, sharing ideas and information.

This is not a group for us to debate Labour policy on Brexit - there are other Labour groups on Facebook where we can do that.

Members of this group oppose Brexit for many reasons. These reasons may include that it goes against the best interests of the people in the UK which Labour seeks to represent.

We welcome members from all corners of our 'broad church' of a party. It is possible to be either for or against the current leadership team and/or their other policies, while also opposing Brexit.One rule only: Be the very best of the Labour Party.​​

Welcome to all Labour members and supporters who oppose Brexit

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